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Business Computing:
the Second 50 Years

The Guildhall conference for business leaders

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Newspaper and magazine articles
Computer Weekly
20 May 2003
The tea shops that ruled the IT world
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
April-June 2002
The 2001 LEO Jubilee
Computer Bulletin
March 2002
First Love in IT
Project Manager Today
January 2002
The day LEO roared
Financial Times
5 December 2001
Looking ahead to 'the year of the new network'
IT and Public Policy
November/December 2001
Where are we, and where are we going?

29 November 2001
Read This:David Caminer - LEO and the Computer Revolution
The Source
28 November 2001
LEO, The Computer Designed By A Tea-Shop
Financial Times
28 November 2001
Half a century to get up to speed
22 November 2001
Lessons from LEO
The Mirror
20 November 2001
HAPPY birthday to the everyday business computer
The Economist
17 November 2001
It all started with pies (Ecomomist subscribers only)
15 November 2001
UK can learn lessons from LEO
The Guardian
15 November 2001
Last chance?
The Observer
11 November 2001
Power to the people - or to the goliaths?
The Guardian
8 November 2001
A dream dies
CIO Insight
1 November 2001
The First Fifty Years
The Computer Bulletin
November 2001
How LEO started it all
17 October 2001
We can still learn lessons from LEO
16 October 2001

Middle managers replaced by robots by 2051

IT Week
1 October 2001
IT Life begins at 50

New Scientist
8 September 2001

Let them eat cake

Financial Times
20 August 2001
The lion that failed to roar
Daily Telegraph City Diary
16 August 2001
Pride of Lyons' computers
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
July-September 2000
Inventing Systems Engineering - John Aris
The First Business Computer: A Case Study in User-Driven Innovation - Frank Land
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Brodeur Worldwide
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01753 642739
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Press releases
5 November 2001: Why Britain lost out in computers: Caminer points the finger

19 October 2001:

50 Years of Business Computing Conference announces £5,000 NCC Prize Winner

11 September 2001:

China to join in London IT celebrations

12 July 2001:
National Computing Centre Calls for Visionaries to Imagine How the World of Business Computing Will Look in 2051
10 May 2001: Leaders to gather to mark 50 years of business computing

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