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Jonathan Liebenau's Publications

Books and monographs
1998 (with G. Harindranath) "National Information Infrastructure Policies in International Perspective" Vienna: UNIDO Emerging Technology Series (V.98-52031)

1998 (with Mark Thatcher) "The European Union Telecommunications Market: Regulation, Competition and Change" London: London School of Economics and British Telecommunications plc

1997 (ed., with Allen S. Lee and Janice DeGross) Information Systems and Qualitative Research London: Chapman & Hall (ISBN 0 412 82360 8)

1993 (ed., with G. Harindranath) Information Technology Policies and Applications in the Commonwealth Developing Countries London: Commonwealth Secretariat (ISBN 0 85092 401 4)

1990b (with James Backhouse) Understanding Information: An Introduction London: Macmillan [reprinted 1992, 1993] (ISBN 0-333-53680-0)

1990a (ed.) Pill Peddlers, Essays on the History of the Pharmaceutical Industry Madison: AIHP (ISBN 0931292-22-0)

1988 (ed.) The Challenge of New Technology: Innovation in British Business since 1850 Aldershot: Gower (ISBN 0-566-05147-8)

1987c The Financial Environment of the Electronics Industry in Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan London: Technical Change Centre

1987b (ed., with R.P.T. Davenport-Hines) Business in the Age of Reason London: Cass (ISBN 07146-3306-2)

1987a Medical Science and Medical Industry: The Formation of the American Pharmaceutical Industry London: Macmillan; Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press (ISBN 0-8018-3356-6)

2004b"Mobile emergency content" in Valerie Feldman, ed. Mobile Content New York: Elsevier

2004a (with J. Alleman), "Network resilience and its regulatory inhibitors" in Erik Bohlin, Stanford Levin, Nakil Sung and Chang-Ho Yoon (eds.), Global Economy and Digital Society New York: Elsevier (ISBN 0-444-51335-3)

2003 "Emergency communications; lessons from the World Trade Center disaster" in Michael Noll, Communications on September 11th 2001 New York: Taylor & Francis (ISBN 7425-2542)

2002b (with Heejin Lee) "New time disciplines in virtual work environments" in Richard Whipp,  Barbara Adam and Ida Sabelis (eds.) Making Time; Time and Management in Modern Organizations, Oxford; Oxford University Press pp. 126-139 (ISBN 0199253706)

2002a (with G. Harindranath) "Organizational reconciliation: implications for organizational decision support systems" Decision Support Systems 33(4) 389-398 (ISSN 0167-9236)

2001 (with M. Islamoglu), "Information technology, transaction costs and governance structures: the need for an institutional approach" [submitted to the 2001 European Conference on Information Systems]

2000b (with Heejin Lee) “Temporal effects of information systems on business processes: focusing on the dimensions of temporality” Accounting, Management and Information Technology vol. 10 (3): 157-185 (ISSN 0959-8022)

2000a (with Heejin Lee) “Time and the internet” Time and Society vol. 9 (1): 43-56 (ISSN 0961-463X)

1999b (with Tanai Khiaonarong) "Technological innovation in banking: a resource-based analysis" Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the Information Resources Management Association May 1999

1999a (with Heejin Lee) "Time in management and organization studies: a critical review and a new direction of research" Organizational Studies 20/6: 1035-1058 (ISSN 0170-8406/99)

1997d (with G. Harindranath) 'Organisational reconciliation: implications for organisational decision support systems' in J.F. Nunamaker & R.H. Sprague (eds.), Information Systems: Organisational Systems and Technology (HICSS 30 Volume III), IEEE Computer Society Press, pp.355-359 ( ISBN 081867749X)

1997c (with G. Grant) "Understanding firm differences in implementing and exploiting IT: an evolutionary and resource-based perspective" Strategic Management Society, 17th Annual International Conference

1997b "Management reform at British Telecommunications in the context of liberalisation" Telecoms Market 1997/11 33-39 (ISSN 1226-3478)

1997a (with Tanai Khiaonarong) "Information technology promotion in Thailand: constraints and challenges" Science and Public Policy 24(4) 273-280 (ISSN 0302-3427)

1996c (with G. Harindranath) "National information technology policies: an international comparison" Emerging Technology Series; Information Technology Vienna: UNIDO 2/1996, pp. 1-5 (V.96-87185)

1996b (with Heejin Lee) "Time and information technology: monochronicity or polychronicity in organizational work?" Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Office Automation & Information Management (Tokyo)

1996a (with G. Harindranath) "Organizational reconciliation: implications for organizational decision support systems" Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference on Decision Support (Hawaii) Washington: IEEE Press (ISSN 1060-3425/97)

1995d "State policy and India’s software industry in the 1990s" Proceedings of the 1995 Information Resources Management Association International Conference, "Managing Information and Communications in a Changing Global Environment" Atlanta

1995c (with G. Harindranath) "The impact of globalisation in India's information technology industry", Information Technology for Development 6(2) 73-84 (ISSN 0268-1102)

1995b (with G. Harindranath) "The Indian information technology industry" Information Studies vol 1 (2) 67-86 (ISSN 0971-6726)

1995a "Media, multimedia, informatics and the public in Europe" Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on New Media, Seoul, Korea

1994b (with G. Harindranath) "The Indian information technology industry: adapting to globalisation and policy change in the 1990s"Proceedings of the International Federation for Information Processing Conference 9.4 (Cairo). Reprinted in Mayuri Odedra-Straub (ed.) Global Information Technology and Socio-Economic Development Nashua, New Hampshire: Ivy League Publishing, 1996 pp. 192-202 (ISBN 0-9648382-1-4)

1994b "The management of information in Turkey" Istanbul Studies in International Relations Istanbul: Istanbul Bilgi University

1994a (with Mohamed Sheriff) "Culture: an information systems perspective for developing countries" LSE Department of Information Systems Working Paper (ISSN 1472-9601)

1993a "Information Systems as Social Systems: Research at the LSE" International Journal of Information Management 13: 299-300

1992c "Editorial: The Twelfth International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)," European Journal of Information Systems 1 (5) (ISSN 0960-085X)

1992b "Teaching information systems to students from developing countries," in S.C. Bhatnagar, ed., Information Technology Manpower, Key Issues for Developing Countries New Delhi: Tata McGraw-Hill (ISBN 0-07-460405-8)

1992a "The information function and cartelisation in the German and British fine chemicals industry," in Y. Kudo and T. Hara, International Cartels in Business History, Tokyo: Fuji, University of Tokyo Press pp. 57-73 (ISBN 4-13-047054-x; ISSN 0-86008-487-6)

1991i (with James Backhouse) "The misguided emphasis on technology in information systems" Computers in Education, Africa 1 (1)

1991h (with Mike Barry and Lynne Orton) "Information Technology Sector Mission to Czechoslovakia," Report to the Joint Assistance Unit of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Overseas Development Administration

1991g (with Steve Smithson) "Editorial: The Eleventh International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)," European Journal of Information Systems 1 (2) (ISSN 0960-085X)

1991f (with Steve Smithson) "Editorial," European Journal of Information Systems 1 (1) (ISSN 0960-085X)

1991e (with Mike Robson) "Structures and influences in the history of the European pharmaceutical industry," in N. Bosenquet, ed., The European Pharmaceutical Industry Brussels: European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management

1991d (with James Backhouse and Frank Land) "On the discipline of information systems," Journal of Information Systems 1 (1)

1991c "Research and development in the German chemicals and pharmaceutical industries," in J. Davis, ed., Science and Economic Growth from the Eighteenth Century to the Present Day Oxford: Blackwells

1991b "Careers of scientists in the pharmaceutical industry in Britain, Germany and Switzerland," in R. Fox and A. Guagnini, eds., Relations Between Industry and Academe in Europe Oxford: Oxford University Press

1991a (with Michael Robson) "L'Institut Pasteur et l'industrie pharmaceutique," in M. Morange, ed., Histoire de l'Institut Pasteur Paris: Editions La Decouverte pp. 52-61 (ISBN 2-7071-2054-5)

1990e "The Twentieth-Century British Pharmaceutical Industry in International Context," in Liebenau (ed.) Pill Peddlers, Essays on the History of the Pharmaceutical Industry Madison: AIHP, University of Wisconsin, Madison (ISBN 093129-22-0)

1990d "Introduction," in Liebenau (ed.) Pill Peddlers, Essays on the History of the Pharmaceutical Industry Madison: AIHP (ISBN 093129-22-0)

1990c "The British pharmaceutical industry," British Medical Journal October, pp. 724-733 (ISSN 007-1447)

1990b "Evolution of the pharmaceutical industry," in C. Hansch, P.G. Sammes, J.B. Taylor and P.D. Kennewell, eds., Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry: The Rational Design, Mechanistic Study & Therapeutic Application of Chemical Compounds Oxford: Pergamon, pp. 81-98

1990a "Paul Ehrlich as commercial scientist and research administrator," Medical History 34 (1): 65-78 (ISSN 0025-7273)

1989h (with James Backhouse) "New business structures attainable through information and communication technologies," Proceedings of the IFIP International Workshop on Information Management, University of Twente, 10-13 December

1989g (with Chrisanthi Avgerou) "Teaching information technology for developing countries at the London School of Economics," Proceedings of the British Computer Society Developing Countries Group Conference on Teaching IT for Developing Countries, also LSE Information Systems Working Paper 5 (ISSN 1472-9601)

1989f "Dr. Hand's remedies: a medical vignette," Pharmacy in History

1989e "The Medical Research Council and the pharmaceutical industry," in J. Austoker and L. Bryder, eds., Historical Perspectives on the Role of the MRC Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 163-180 (ISBN 0-19-261651-X)

1989d "Unternehmensforschung, Unternehmensgeschichte und Unternehmensarchive am Beispiel der chemischen Industrie," Archiv und Wirtschaft 22: 53-59

1989c (with James Backhouse) "A need for discipline [in the study of information systems]," Times Higher Education Supplement 31 March 1989; reprinted in Journal of Information Systems (1991) 1 (1), also LSE Information Systems Working Paper 3 (ISSN 1472-9601)

1989b (with James Backhouse) "A proposed curriculum for Master's degree information systems," LSE Information Systems Working Paper 2 (ISSN 1472-9601)

1989a (with James Backhouse) "Information systems and the misguided emphasis on technology," LSE Information Systems Working Paper 1 (ISSN 1472-9601)

1988 "Ethical business: the formation of the pharmaceutical industry in Britain, Germany and the United States before 1914," Business History 30 (ISSN 0007-6791). Reprinted in R.P.T. Davenport-Hines and G. Jones, eds., The End of Insularity, Essays in Comparative Business History London: Cass, pp. 116-129 (ISBN 0-7146-3353-6)

1987c "The British success with penicillin," Social Studies of Science 17: 69-86 (ISSN 0306-3127)

1987b "Public health and the production and use of diphtheria antitoxin in Philadelphia," Bulletin of the History of Medicine 61: 216-236 (ISSN 0007-5140)

1987a (with R.P.T. Davenport-Hines, D. Jeremy and G. Jones) "Introduction," in F. Goodall, Bibliography of British Business History Aldershot: Gower

1986 "Detail men: marketing medicine," in R.P.T. Davenport-Hines, ed., History, Bagmen and Markets Aldershot: Gower (ISBN 0-566-05066-8)

1985g "Britain's wartime development of penicillin," Bulletin of the Society for the Social History of Medicine

1985f (with R. Bunschoten) "Urban works," Architectural Review (ISSN 0003-861X)

1985e "Innovation in pharmaceuticals: industrial R&D in the early twentieth century," Research Policy 15 (ISSN 0048-7333)

1985d "A case study in the transfer of a medical technology: the production and use of diphtheria antitoxin in Europe and the United States, 1890-1920," Proceedings of the International Congress for the History of Science Berkeley: University of California

1985c "Scientific ambitions: the pharmaceutical industry 1900-1920," Pharmacy in History 25

1985b "Thomas Whiffen, fine chemicals manufacturer," Dictionary of Business Biography 5 Oxford: Butterworths (ISBN 0-406-27341-3)

1985a "Thomas Morson, pharmaceuticals manufacturer," Dictionary of Business Biography 4 Oxford: Butterworths (ISBN 0-406-27341-3)

1984e "Thomas Holloway, patent medicine manufacturer," Dictionary of Business Biography 3 Oxford: Butterworths (ISBN 0-406-27341-3)

1984d "Industrial R&D in pharmaceutical firms in the early twentieth century," Business History 26

1984c "Penicillin in the United States and Britain," Proceedings of the Conference on the History of Biotechnology, Science Museum, London

1984b "Patents in the chemical industry, Britain and Germany, 1890-1930," Royal Society of Chemistry Symposium Proceedings London: Royal Society of Chemistry

1984a (with T. Claydon and S. Ville) "List of publicatons on the economic and social history of Great Britain and Ireland," The Economic History Review 2nd ser. 37

1983 "Medicine and technology," Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 27

1979 "Medicine and the Reign of Technology, an essay on Stanley Reiser's thesis," Forum on Medicine Philadelphia: American College of Physicians

1977b "The papers of Edmund Newton Harvey (1887-1959)" Survey of Sources Newsletter; Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society

1977a "Charles Albert Browne (1870-1947)," Survey of Sources Newsletter Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society

Radio (major projects only)
1997 "The Information Age" an 11-part series of 15-minute programmes for the BBC World Service (Kumru Basar, producer)

1989 "Thomas Alva Edison," They Made Our World BBC, World Service Series

PhD Theses supervised (see also separate web page)

2004 Marc Laperrouza, (expected)“ICT policies in China” [currently research officer at HEC Business School, Switzerland]

2004 Ruri Abe, “Peripheral identities in transition” [currently Assistant Professor of Media & Communication, Sophia University, Tokyo]

2000 Fola Yahaya, "Information infrastructure development in Sub-Saharan Africa" (examined by Prof. Gerry Grant and Dr. Shirin Madon)

1999 Tanai Khiaonarong, "Banking and innovation: the case of payment systems modernisation in Thailand" (examined by Prof. Mike Hobday and Dr. Steve Smithson)

1998b Mehmet Islamoglu, "Information management; a transaction costs perspective" (examined by Prof. Claudio Ciborra and Dr. James Backhouse)

1998a Ashraf Hassan, "Debt management and information handling for developing countries; the case of Egypt" (examined by Dr. Chris Sadler and Prof. Ian Angell)

1997c Jason Huang, "Participation in information systems design; a structuration perspective" (examined by Prof. Guy Fitzgerald and Dr. Mike Newman)

1997b Heejin Lee, "Temporal Implications of Electronically Mediated Business Procedures on Organisational Work: EDI Applications in Trade" (examined by Dr. James Backhouse and Prof. Steve Sawyer)

1997a G. Harindranath, "India's Information Technology Industry: Adapting to Globalisation and Policy Change in the 1990s" (examined by Dr. Richard Heeks and Dr. Shirin Madon)

1996 Gerry Grant, "The Strategic Dimensions of Information Systems Capability: Case Studies in a Developing Country Context" (examined by Prof. Pat Hall and Dr. Steve Smithson)

1994 Sherif Kamel, "The Use of Decision Support Systems in Development Planning in Egypt" (examined by Prof. David Wield and Dr. Shirin Madon)

1993 Stefano Kluzer, "The Political Economy of Information Technology in Southern Africa" (examined by Prof. Geoff Walsham and Prof. Ian Angell)

1992 Michael Robson, "The Pharmaceutical Industry in Britain and France" (examined by Prof. Alan Milward) *Dept. of Economic History

1991b James Backhouse, "Semantic Analysis and Information Systems Design" (examined by Prof. David Avison and Prof. Ian Angell)

1991a Miron M. Marche, "Models of Information: The Feasibility of Measuring the Stability of Data Models" (examined by Prof. David Avison and Prof. Ian Angell)

1990b Mayuri Odedra, "Transfer of Information Technology to Developing Countries: Case Studies from Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya" (examined by Prof. Geoff Walsham and Prof. Ian Angell)

1990a Krisana Kitiyadisai, "Concepts of Relevance in a Semiotic Framework Applied to Information Systems Analysis and Design" (examined by Prof. Peter Checkland and Prof. Ian Angell)

1989 Timo Myllyntaus, "Transfer of Technology to Finland, The Case of Electricity" (Prof. Leslie Hannah) *Dept. of Economic History

Current students (see also separate web page)

Ki Han Paek, "The National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy Process in Developing Countries: The case of South Korean National Information Infrastructure (NII) Policy" (started Oct. 1999)

Dimitris Boucas, "E-government and the information society in Greece" (started Oct. 2003)

Raja Mitra, "Outsourcing to India" (started Oct. 2004)


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